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Head Groundsman


Reporting to the Head Groundsman or in their absence the Clerk of the Course, the Groundstaff will be responsible for the preparation and presentation of the turf course, stables, estates grounds, gardens and other facilities.


The Groundstaff are responsible and accountable for ensuring:

  1. To follow instruction regarding grounds and gardens maintenance on the estate to include: the racecourse and associated area.
  2. To ensure that the above are maintained to the highest possible standards of safety and presentation.
  3. To attend briefing sessions as required, and to comply with suggestions to ensure that the best methods, practices and systems of work are used produce the best and safest possible racing surface.
  4. To maintain records of work completed in each of the areas stated above in logbooks provided.
  5. To continually review working practices in each area, challenging historic practices and looking for improved methods of work.
  6. To work to high and precise standards continually improving attention to detail and care of the estate in general.
  7. To ensure that all equipment is used in a safe and proper manner, maintained as per manufacturers instructions, is kept in a clean and tidy condition and is stored in an appropriate place, which complies with company insurance requirements.
  8. To ensure that prior to using any equipment you have received appropriate instruction regarding its safe use.
  9. To treat machinery and tools responsibly and with respect. Wearing appropriate PPE, ensuring guards are used where appropriate, and prolonging the life of the tools through proper care.
  10. To ensure that any problems found in any of the above areas, are either dealt with immediately or reported to the Head Groundsman or Clerk of the Course.
  11. To ensure that all Racecourse regulations are complied with in relation to:
    • All relevant B.H.A.G.I.s instructions
    • The Racecourse License.
  12. To comply with all Health and Safety procedures associated with the department at all times. This relates to:
    • Standards and procedures of correct working practices.
    • The completion of risk assessments.
    • COSHH regulations.
    • Use of Personal Protective Equipment.
  13. To control wastage and operate according to the Companies environment policy with regard to:
    • product control and waste minimisation
    • proper care and maintenance of equipment to prolong its life
    • proper separation and disposal of cardboard, paper and glass in recycling bins
    • minimising energy wastage by switching off unused lights, heating, PCs and equipment
  14. To be an ambassador for Brighton Racecourse, taking personal responsibility for finding out about our product and services, and at all times striving to represent the Racecourse in the most professional, courteous and efficient manner possible.
  15. To carry out any other tasks occasionally requested by the Head Groundsman, Clerk of the Course or Executive Director.


  1. Continually striving to improve the presentation of the Racecourse and its surrounds on Racedays, and on a timely and on-going basis.
  2. Response to and compliance with requests from the Head Groundsman and his superiors on the preparation of the racing surfaces prior to each race meeting, and all other matters.
  3. Compliance to all B.H.A.G.I.s regulations relating to the racecourse and racing surfaces.
  4. Successful working relationships with staff and promotion of positive and motivated attitude through example.
  5. Knowledge of and compliance with Health and Safety procedures and practices.

Hours of Work:

  • A minimum of 40 hours worked across a 5 in 7 working week. Any hours in excess of 40 hours per week will be paid at your normal hourly rate (limited to £2,000 per year), regardless of the day on which they are worked. Once limit is reached, time in lieu will be implemented.
  • Due to the nature of our business you will on occasions be expected to work anti-social hours where relevant business demands, for example; weekend racing. Flexibility toward week-end, early and late working is a pre-requisite of this employment.