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The Training Pod Now Open at Brighton Racecourse

Tue, Nov 12, 2013

Memberships start from £60 a month (no contracts), which includes a free consultation and induction to the gym and the equipment and structure of how we train. We aim to give a personable service as all staff are very approachable and will help individuals through exercises etc.
We also do Individual 1-2-1 personal training sessions from as little as £150 per month
Small group training sessions/circuits (maximum of 6 per trainer) are also available from £8 per person.

At the Training POD we aim to give everyone the opportunity to train like a professional athlete and have the staff to fulfil those opportunities including strength and conditioning coaches, soft tissue therapists, rehabilitation experts, Osteopaths and Sports Physician (Fulham FC).
We will be starting our circuit training sessions for groups of 6 per trainer which range from Warrior circuits at 5:30am lasting 60 minutes to shorter 30 minute circuits for busy executives, to bodyweight functional movement pattern circuits.
We will also be delivering Olympic lifting courses for those who are serious about improving performance and explosive power for their chosen Sport as well as session for younger athletes. There are sessions for young people aged 10 to 16 (split groups relevant to ages or maturation ages) as well as under 18 sessions.

The facilities are very different to your traditional commercial gyms. There are no machines but plenty of free weights including Olympic bars, Kettlebells, dumb bells, medicine and slam balls, ropes to climb, sleds to push and pull, suspension trainers including gym rings and TRX systems, a true stretch cage and indoor and outdoor running tracks for acceleration work ranging from 15m to 30m in length. This is a true strength and conditioning facility where you will work hard.

Opening Times
We open as early as 5:30am for anyone wishing to get involved in our warrior training circuits and close as late as 8pm (later for groups who wish to book out the facility)

All of the staff are highly qualified professionals within their chosen field and have over 40 years' experience between them working in professional sport working with of athletes across a variety of sports including football, martial arts, 100 and 200m sprinters, golf, tennis, baseball and professional dancers including ballerinas.

Darren Teague
Bodifit Ltd
01273 693224 or 07843412849

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Darren Teague