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Brighton Racecourse Hopes to Benefit from Matinee Trial

Wed, Sep 19, 2012

Regional Director Phil Bell was interviewed on BBC Sussex following the award of the BHA's first Matinee Meeting to Brighton Racecourse, being hosted this Friday.

In the interview Phil stated, "Racing has still got a huge challenge to get more people through the doors.

"It's a bit of an experiment for us to see if we can get a few more race-goers in. It's a great opportunity."

To aid this initiative Brighton Racecourse is making it a Free Race Meeting.

"The meetings are primarily aimed for betting shops.

"The BHA would like to encourage people to place bets on English racing when they go into betting shops to put their bets on for races later in the day.

"Around lunchtime, some betting shops beam in racing from abroad."

Phil believes that if the trial proves successful then it could build up regular support from race-goers.

"In reality, if this took off in the long-term you might have a chance of developing decent attendances.

"As an experiment it is new and will take time to bed in, develop and for the general public to realise there is racing that starts so early.

"Anything that works in racing needs to have a pattern and be there regularly in the calendar.

"The best and most popular race meetings happen every year in the same place. If matinee racing becomes a permanent addition to the fixture list and a pattern develops, I can see us attracting people."

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Stuart Dorn