Inside Racing Series
Issue two with Dr Lucy Free - Medical Officer
Inside Racing Series

Inside Racing Series contains several interviews throughout the year with key people behind the scenes of racing, which gives a description of what their responsibilities are on a raceday. This series is supported by Great British Racing and the British Horseracing Authority.

What does that involve?

"Coordinating a team of health care professionals including; doctor, nurse, ambulance crews and first aiders. I also liaise with the Clerk of the Course and Clerk of the Scales."

What time do you get to/leave the racecourse?

"Arrive an hour and a half before racing (this can be earlier on bigger racedays). I leave after the jockeys weigh in, but will stay if there is any entertainment after racing. "

Breif outline of your raceday?

  • Brief the team an hour before the first race.Examine any jockeys on the sick list. Deal with any incidents throughout the day, ranging from jockeys, owners, trainers, stall handlers and the general public.
  • There are always two doctors on a raceday, we split the positions between us, with one following the race and the other watching the race. We keep a close eye on horses going between the stables, parade ring and racetrack.
  • There will always be a first aider watching the parade ring for any accidents.

Tell us something we didnt know about the job?

"I have been doing this job for 30 years!"

Where do you watch the racing from?

"Either from the car (ambulance) or the medical station."

What is the most important part of your job?

"Communication and trust between the team."

Racing background before this job / or why did you choose this job?

"My background is from the hunting and point-to-pointing. I used to get picked up off the ground after taking a fall and now I am doing the picking up!"

Most memorable/funny racing experience

"Martin Dwyer’s unrepeatable jokes!"

Inside Racing Series