TrailwalkerFriday 28th July 2017

Trailwalker is an awesome challenge taking place between 28th and 30th July 2017. It will test you and your team both mentally and physically. Taking on 100KM across the South Downs Way in 30 hours or less really is the experience of a life time. Organised with the Queens Gurkha Signals and raising money for Oxfam and The Gurkha Welfare Trust, this event is a unique opportunity to push yourself to the limit.

The finishing line is here, at Brighton Racecourse.

Set up by the legendary Gurkhas, Trailwalker is the ultimate physical and mental challenge. You’ll need to motivate and encourage each other from the start to make it to the finish line so be prepared to pull together to achieve something astonishing.

Your support crew are a vital part of your team. The crew can be made up of friends and family who’ll meet you at checkpoints along the route and provide supplies and encouragement. They will help carry your kit and give you the motivation and morale to complete the challenge.

It will be one of the toughest challenges you have ever done, but the sense of achievement you will get as your cross the finish line will be one of the best feelings in the world.

Visit: for more information and to sign up.