Brighton Racecourse main grandstand
Brighton Racecourse main grandstand
250 Years of Racing

With attendance from royalty.

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History Of Brighton Racecourse

Brighton Racecourse is situated on Whitehawk Hill, around 1 mile away from the coast. It originates back to 1783, when the first official race was held in the area. These days the racecourse hosts flat racing fixtures from April until October as well as a number of other events throughout the year.

Horses racing uphill towards the finish at Brighton Racecourse

Unusual Track

The track is quite unusual, as it is one of the few British courses not to have a complete circuit. Instead, it has an undulating, left-handed, horseshoe-shaped course of one mile four furlongs in length. The mile four start is the lowest point of the course, with the Winning Post being the highest, and there is an uphill climb from two furlongs out.

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Royal Approval (1700's)
Prosperous Times (1800's)
Brighton Rock (1900's)
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