Horse being walked by trainer
Horse being walked by trainer
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Tickets & Booking

Do you offer a group discount?
Do you save money if you book in advance?
Can I purchase extra tickets on the day?
When will I receive my tickets?
Do I need to print my tickets?
Can I transfer / refund my tickets or packages?
Can I transfer between Enclosures?
What enclosure should I choose?
How do I redeem a Gift Voucher?
How do I use/sign up for Rewards for Racing? 
Can Children come racing?
Do you offer a student discount?


What time do gates open?
What time is the last race and when will the racecourse close?

Travel & Entry

New Title
What do I need to wear?
How do I get to the racecourse?
Can I arrive by coach?

Food & Drink

What bars and food concessions will be open?
Can I bring a picnic?
Can I bring alcohol into the racecourse? 
Are barbecues allowed?


How accessible is your racecourse?
What do you offer carers?
Do you offer wheelchair viewing?
Do you have baby changing facilities?

Betting & Payments

Where can I place a bet on course?
Do bookmakers accept cash?
Do you have cash machines?
What payment method do you accept? 
Where can I buy a race card?


Is there seating available?
Can I bring a chair?
How do I download and use the ARC APP?
Can I smoke and where?
Where is best to stay overnight?
Does the weather affect the racing?


Can I bring a dog? 


Can I take photographs?

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