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30 September 2019

We have a range of great event spaces at Brighton Racecourse, allowing maximum flexibility in every event we host. Whether you’re holding a party, a business meeting or a wedding reception, we’ve got you covered! 

We have a total of 18 different spaces that can be used for events, so it’s easy to find one that suits you both in terms of functionality and price point. Because of this massive range of space, Brighton Racecourse can be incredibly accommodating to all your needs, whether you want to host major fair or for a small business meeting. 

We also provide a range of food options which are available to purchase as part of a package. We can be very flexible with what you’d like us to provide and can do anything from tea and biscuits to luxurious meal.  We can also provide lots of added extras from furniture to cutlery, and are happy to do all the set up and clean up you need, making any event you’re planning on running a smooth operation! 

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